Laser Surgery

The Ordre des dentistes du Québec, like the Canadian Dental Association, recognizes the usefulness and the potential of the laser. Because of the high cost of the devices, very few clinics are able to offer laser treatments in Quebec.

Laser surgeries are used for soft tissue procedures such as:

  • Gingivectomy: Surgical excision of diseased or diseased gingival tissues to stop gum infection.
  • Gingivoplasty: a type of surgery that aims to reshape healthy gum tissue around the tooth.
  • Frenectomy: a removal of a brake.
  • Ablation of fibroma or papilloma: a technique that consists of removing a lesion on the lip, tongue, oral mucosa or the area of ​​the palate.
  • Surgical biopsy: collecting soft tissues for laboratory analysis.

The use of the laser has several advantages. It has biostimulation effects that allow regeneration and tissue healing much faster than traditional methods.

The laser beam neutralizes, the nerve endings it crosses on contact, through the tissues. Thus, the post-operative course is minimized.

When used, the laser beam obstructs blood vessels of small diameters through a process called photocoagulation. This greatly reduces the risk of haemorrhage, making the surgeon’s job easier because the bleeding does not interfere with his vision. For most surgical procedures, the operating time is significantly reduced.

By its energy, it has an antimicrobial effect. The high temperature it generates by penetrating the tissues kills the bacteria present. The risks of post-surgical complications are therefore reduced.

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